"Ms. Hartmann’s credentials as a virtuoso pianist were fully evident, and she displayed them with quiet assurance and command."

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Mark Kroll, Boston Musical Intelligencer

"A different kind of wit followed in Milton Babbitt’s Overtime, played by the pianist Maya Hartman who found many more colors than I am used to hearing in this composer. Its sudden shifts even had a kind of playfulness, in keeping with the well-known drollery of its creator."

Bruce Hodges, MusicWeb

"Maya Hartman (piano), Tien-Hsin Wu and Andrew Beer (violins), Frank Shaw (viola), and Nicholas Canellakis (cello) gave a splendid rendition of César Franck's Piano Quintet."

David Bratman
San Francisco Classical Review

"Hartman's performance of Milton Babbitt's Three Compositions for Piano was a revelation.  Generally speaking, Babbitt's scores are dense masses of extremely difficult writing.  Polyphonic, polyrhythmic as well as non-tonal, in lesser hands they often deteriorate into panicky incoherence.  In Ms. Hartman's confident embrace, however, they bloomed beautifully.  I have rarely heard this kind of piano music played as well, with such attention to its detail, such clarity of the twisting strands, and such beauty of sound.  This is exactly the kind of music that sends audiences fleeing on many occasions, but I defy anyone who was there to hear this performance not to have been entranced by it."

Timothy Gilligan, New York Concert Review      

"Ms. Hartman gave a convincing performance with her strong interpretative conception.  She played expressively with a full and passionate sound, exploiting the entire dynamical palette of the piano, with meticulous attention to details."

Bogdan Scurtu and Perry Goldstein News and Blues
review of Rachmaninoff Concerto No. 2

"Miss Hartman performed Chopin's three movement concerto with unflagging energy, concentration, and nuance.”"

Ted Smith, Valley News Journal
Review of Chopin Concerto No. 2